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Customized Coaching

Are you feeling blocked artistically or stuck in a rut with your inner critic (or perfectionist or procrastinator) holding you hostage? 

Do you secretly dislike a character or find them hard to understand?

Perhaps you feel impacted by a character and can’t quite shake off its energy, or haven’t yet found the gifts it has for you.

Everything you need to build your
characters and let your creativity soar.

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Your personalized program may include:

  • Resolving creative blocks

  • Befriending challenging characters

  • Integrative character analysis

  • Script analysis

  • Creative team dynamics

  • Character study for personal growth

Plus, material from one or more Master Class Topics
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What to Expect:


The Character Mapping approach to coaching can go deep and go wide. 


It all depends on what YOU need.  Sometimes that’s clear at the outset. And sometimes it takes my skill as a therapist and trainer to know where to focus for your greatest benefit.  

Coaching typically begins with what you’re already doing that's working -or not working - and where you want to go. I’ll reshape your questions to unlock your creativity and wisdom as we embark on a journey through the character’s known and unknown worlds.  

Whether you’re an individual or a team of storytellers looking for a common language, a customized Character Mapping program will transform the way you work  - with characters, yourself, and other collaborators - with tools you can return to over and over again.

Ready to build your characters and find your Self?

Your characters are waiting...

Storytelling Interests

Thank you! Look for an email from

- Michael Heitzman   Director, Writer  New York

"Mariel’s background in psychology puts her on another level when it comes to digging deep. She listens... really listens. Processes where you want to go. Thinks about in between sessions and comes back with specific ideas. She asks great questions which opens your thinking and also challenges you to defend your thinking."
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