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Coaching Sessions & Packages Rate Sheet

Thank you for your interest in Character Mapping.

Your inquiry will be reviewed and additional information may

be requested prior to your 30-minute consultation with Mariel Pastor. 

 30-min consult - $75, can be applied to first coaching session or package. 

Standard Rate

Single Sessions a la carte

30 min consult - $75 (can be applied to first coaching session or package)

I hour - $375  

90 minutes - $560

2 hours (minimum for teams) - $750

4 hours - $1500

6 hours - $2250

Full day (8 hours) - Starting at $3000 depending on the project

Reading copy/text/script

$150 per 10,000 words

Coaching Packages

THE IMPROV Three 2-hour Sessions - $1800  


Customized coaching focussing on various Character Mapping topics as determined by initial consultation.

THE TONY  Four 60-minute Sessions - $1200


Three character consultations: 

Integral Current Process Exploration 

2 Master Class topics

Character Personality Typing & Core Burdens

One Artistic health consultation:

Relationship to character, craft, and self

THE OSCAR   Ten or more hours of consultation - $285/hour.

BIPOC, Non-profit, Student Rate

All Coaching Sessions/Packages

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