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Self paced, online Master Classes 
Bring rich, believable characters to life

Character Mapping Master Class


October 2023 

An Integral View of Human Living
Online, self-paced Master Class 

Including meditations, exercises, supplemental reading and worksheets

Integral Theory, the most expansive and inclusive view of human consciousness is broken down in practical components to create a comprehensive foundation of a character's personal, social, cultural, and physical influences.


Assess gaps and strengths in  your current process.  Learn how self awareness impacts a character's relationships to others, to the audience, and to you. With Integral Character Mapping, nothing is left out.

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Master Class Topics Available now as
Customized Group Workshops & Individual Coaching:

- Peter Legård Nielsen   Author, Poet, Therapist   Copenhagen

"Mariel has a fantastic teaching style, very alive, personal and humorous. Her knowledge is vast and deeply founded in experience. She has a transparent way to deal with whatever topic that comes up and is leading in a very Self-led way. She is impressive at holding space and dealing with challenging situations from Self with clear boundaries, and in a non-shaming way."
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