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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity

Character Mapping as a service, and Mariel Pastor as its founder, are dedicated to values that promote inclusivity.  We embrace principles and practices that are fundamentally anti-oppressive with an aim to restore a sense of wholeness and balance on all levels of human relationships, and we do so wholeheartedly.  We commit to establishing a culture where all persons feel valued, understood and respected.  

We seek to connect with storytellers from a wide range of backgrounds, including those who differ by race, age, size, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, and physical abilities and neurotypes. Our commitment to inclusion comes not only from a desire to counter the many ways that individuals and whole communities are denied opportunities, but also from the knowledge that working with storytellers from a variety of backgrounds enriches our lives, and fosters more vibrant stories representing diverse global realities. 

In response to the many forms of marginalization in our country, we believe it’s important to grow intentionally in our understanding of and support for others. To this end, we embrace an anti-oppression framework by encouraging cultural awareness, competence, and humility.  We recognize the personal and collective impact of cultural burdens in our broader society - for example, white privilege and oppressive policies that marginalize and hurt communities from the non-dominant culture.  We lend our voices in support of anti-oppressive actions at the societal level and advocate on behalf of equal rights for all.

We recognize that establishing a culture that promotes open-mindedness, compassion and inclusivity requires continuous commitment to the healthy principles and practices we share as well as a personal commitment from each of us to do our own inner work.  To support this effort, we dedicate ourselves to creating on-going opportunities to educate ourselves about equity, inclusivity, and the forces of oppression on all systemic levels.  Further, we commit to developing and maintaining procedures and practices allowing us to assess our progress toward living our values.

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