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What is Character Mapping

Character Mapping is both a psychological toolbox for building backstory and a process for artistic self-discovery.   

It consists of 6 Master Class sections as well as Individualized Coaching options as well to help you create complex, rich characters.

What Is Character Mapping

Character Mapping is both a psychological toolbox for building backstory and a process for artistic self-discovery.   It is the most comprehensive approach to character psychology and artistic health available, anywhere. 

Character Mapping provides accessible wisdom & healing practices from: Integral Theory, Neuroscience, Mindfulness, Right Use of Power, Modern Psychologies featuring Internal Family Systems to transform your characters, your craft, and yourself.

Master Class 1: An Integral View of Human Living

Including meditations, exercises, supplemental reading and worksheets

Integral Theory, the most expansive and inclusive view of human consciousness is broken down in practical components to create a comprehensive foundation of a character's personal, social, cultural, and physical influences.


Assess gaps and strengths in  your current process.  Learn how self awareness impacts a character's relationships to others, to the audience, and to you. With Integral Character Mapping, nothing is left out.

Master Class 2: System Of Selves
(Coming Soon)

Create a character’s layered personality and  master the nuanced rules that govern inner  selves. Identify the core wounds and gifts  driving motivations and internal conflicts.  Unconscious “shadow work” and personality  typing systems are applied to character story arc,  with tips on avoiding stereotypes.  

Master Class 3:  Myths About Madness (Coming in 2024)

This course presents new perspectives on common mental health diagnoses and the latest findings about the emotional brain and nervous system. You’ll learn to distinguish between “Big T” or “little t” traumas, and the most common life experiences that bring out the best and worst in any character.  

Master Class 4: Ties that
Bind: Family Legacies &
Social Roles (Coming in 2024)

Learn to quickly create a family tree that tracks  relational dynamics across generations and  through the present day. Find out how ethnic  and cultural influences are broken down into  common priorities, and master the dysfunctional  relational rules that drive a character’s familial  and social roles.  

Master Class 5: Survival, Attachment, Power & Control (Coming in 2024)

This course takes a deeper look at childhood  attachment styles and wounds that inform a  wide range of survival strategies and adult  intimacy patterns. The shame accompanying  attachment traumas and the underlying drive for  power and control are illustrated in depth.

Master Class 6: Using Your Craft for Artistic Health (Coming in 2024)

Identify parts of you that block or support creative flow. Transform your relationship to procrastination, perfectionism, striving, insecurities, and rejection. Preserve & improve psychological health when taking on challenging characters. Learn tools for harvesting the character's gifts and releasing their burdens.

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