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Need a system for creating characters?
How deep can you go?
How compelling do you want them to be?
Is your craft enhancing your personal well-being?

Storytelling is the first psychology.

Now psychology returns for the storyteller.

It's time to explore the wisdom of modern psychology, neuroscience, systems theory, mindfulness practices, and apply it directly to your craft.

Whether you act, write or direct, Character Mapping will fill your work with rich, authentic characters. Tell more effective stories. Dive deep into other realms without exhausting yourself in the process.

This is the only program of its kind, taught by a seasoned psychotherapist and expert in Internal Family Systems (IFS) parts work. 


Gain a fresh approach to your relationship with characters, with yourself, and with your craft.


Learn reliable practices for self care and dynamic growth to use time and time again, to build your characters and find your Self.  

Go deep and go wide.


Navigate the depth and breadth of characters and & yourself with customized consultation sessions with Character Mapping creator, Mariel Pastor.


Self-paced, online courses - taking the best from psychology, neuroscience, and systems thinking to give storytellers a modern and complete toolbox for creating complex characters with increased emotional impact. 

Online Classes

In-person or live online immersion of our master class series, customized for groups of writers, actors, and directors.

Live Workshops

Your characters are waiting...

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