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We look forward to connecting with you!

Thank you for your interest in Character Mapping. Your inquiry will be reviewed and additional information may be requested.  Here is some preliminary pricing information to consider for your customized program.

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Work directly with Mariel Pastor for 1-on-1 or group coaching. Develop backstory focusing on System of Selves or other master class topics.  Focus on your relationship to your craft or your character(s). Review the Masterclass topics and savor the possibilities.


One-on-One Coaching

$350 - 75 mins

On Zoom

Longer meetings pro-rated.  Discounts for 4 or more pre-paid.

Contact us for Group Coaching Rates

live workshops

Tell us more about your project, learning objectives and services you're seeking.  We'll respond to your inquiry in 2 business days and send scheduling link or request for more info.

Discounts available for nonprofit or BIPOC organizations.


Self-paced masterclass

Stay tuned for release date of Character Mapping's foundational program, An Integral View of Human Living.  Finishing touches are underway with exercises, meditations, supplemental handouts and worksheets. 



More than Four hours of unique application of Integral theory made accessible for storytellers of all kinds. 

questions? Write to us

Once your customized plan is confirmed and payment received you'll receive a scheduling link and supplemental materials as indicated.


Interested in something more customized or booking Mariel Pastor for a speaking engagement?  Reach out and someone will get back to you in 2 business days. 

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